001 Every Sing: Ted Chamberlain and Barbershop Harmonies

This Should Never Happen in the Voice Lesson Environment
August 3, 2017
002 Every Sing: Dr. Matthew Schloneger on Voice Dosimetry
August 6, 2017

Ted Chamberlain is the director of the barbershop chorus, SeaChordesman, and member of the  Evergreen District champion barbershop quartet 4.0. Ted began singing barbershop while still in high school in the 1980s. Aside from his passion for Barbershop, Ted has also been a National Board certified public school music teacher and currently has an independent voice studio.

Seachordsmen Barbershop Choir: Seachordsmen.org
Ted’s website: NWVoicestudio.com
4.0 Barbershop Quartet: 0quartet.com
Ted’s courses: Tedshops.com
Ted’s email address: ted@nwvoicestudio.com
Recommended website: Barbershop.org
Recommended video: Signature Dance With My Father http://video.genyoutube.net/B6FwopHVll8
Ted’s motivation: I think my passion for singing started at a really young age, as young as the age of 4. I remember the physical nature of singing, the physical feeling of belting it out.
At the same time, over the years, I’ve developed a passion for helping other people to find all kinds of really interesting things with singing.
Ted’s take-away: Find an avenue for singing and enjoy the whole experience of being a singer, because there’s nothing like it.
Every Sing on Twitter: @Every_Sing_Pod
Nancy’s website: NancyBos.net


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